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The California Soft Pretzel

No Lye

Lye is a man-made corrosive chemical used for industrial cleaning. Almost all pretzels are dipped into Lye to get that familiar brown color.  Instead, we use an all-natural process to achieve that mahogany shine, which is part of our unique California soft pretzel taste.

Because everyone loves pretzels



Available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Deliveries, events and pop-ups.  Drop us a line at YUM@PRETZELGUILD.COM



We bake every soft pretzel with
the finest quality non-GMO, and/or
Organic and Fair Trade ingredients
to deliver the best soft pretzels

you’ve ever tasted. 



We’ve spent 8 years carefully
selecting ingredients to develop
the perfect pretzel; hand rolled
and baked fresh to order.

"The best pretzel I've ever had."

- Too many to count

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Warm & Cozy

Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2016, Pretzel Guild was an idea to turn a guilty pleasure worry-free.

Based on the classic Bavarian-style soft pretzel, we have infused our California roots to draw on All-Natural, Organic, Non-GMO, Free Trade and Local Ingredients everywhere we can.  The dough is made 24 hours in advance for a long, slow, cold ferment which brings out a wonderful flavor. We use only unbleached, unbromated high quality flour, grass-fed butter, cage-free eggs, and we roll each pretzel by hand.  

Not quite German, not quite Philadelphia, but a new California twist on a 1,200 year old favorite.

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Corporate Catering? Yes! Because Everyone Loves Soft Pretzels.

Did you know that we do Corporate and Tech Catering? We recently provided our California-style Soft Pretzels and a bevy of dips for the clever folk...
We'll be back at Alpha Acid Brewing on Thursday, Dec. 5th!

We'll be back at Alpha Acid Brewing on Thursday, Dec. 5th!

We'll be back @ Alpha Acid Brewing Co slanging more pretzels.  Swing by for a magical paring with one of their small batch brews!    

Special Order Pretzel Pick-up Saturdays

1007 Howard Ave, San Mateo, CA 

Saturday, 10am - 6pm

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